Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Hazards - Important Safety Reminders

Please do not let your kids play in the street. This includes sledding. This past Tuesday night a Waunakee snow plow driver had a close call with a child who had been sledding in the street. Visibility was very poor at the time, with high winds and heavy snow. The driver did not see the child until he was alongside the child. The driver was shaken by this close call.

Please refrain from blowing snow into the streets. The police department has provided multiple warnings to residents participating in this activity. 

Reminder to drive below the speed limit on village streets. Snow banks are very high. Visibility is obstructed for most people pulling out from driveways and side streets. Residents are likely to encounter vehicles pulling out in front of them at some point due to the conditions. Traveling below the speed limit will provide for extra time to avoid accidents.