Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin Foundation for School Music: Provides Pianos to Eligible Students

As part of the mission for Wisconsin Foundation for School Music (WFSM) the organization promotes and enhances music education in Wisconsin. They have found a new way of doing so through the Piano Bank Program. Developed in 2009 by Mike George, executive director of WFSM and Grant Billings of Billings Piano Gallery, the program places pianos free of charge in the homes of eligible children in order to provide a quality instrument for piano instruction and personal enjoyment.

Students are identified by music teachers, school counselors and community program leaders and then are evaluated and selected by a committee appointed by WFSM. The children agree to attend piano lessons and practice at home. Students must live in Columbia, Dane, Green, Iowa, Rock, or Sauk counties in Wisconsin in order to qualify for the program. They must also provide a one-page letter of intent as to why they wish to play the piano and fall under the household income restrictions. For qualifications click here.

Thus far, 13 students between the ages of six and 17 have been given pianos provided by the Steinway Piano Society. The pianos may be kept as long as the student continues to take lessons on a regular basis. Applications for the next round of consideration are due by September 12th and you can found online at the link above. If you would like to donate to the scholarships for lessons please contact Jan Tweed at jtweed@wsmamusic.org.