Monday, November 14, 2011

The “Let There Be Lights” campaign is coordinated by a non-profit group working to raise money to build lights on the Waunakee High School’s baseball field. All donations to the cause are tax deductible. The campaign has raised approximately $12,000 and it will cost $115,000 to get the lights up. The eight light bases are already in place, thanks to a fundraiser from a few years ago. The intention is to use the same company that designed the bases, to put up the lights.

Pennants that will be seen on the light stands themselves will be offered to businesses that donate money of $2,000-$3,000. At $45-$225, individuals can purchase pavers that will adorn the walkways behind the press box. These will be engraved with names. The third option for recognition for giving a donation will be an engraving on a wall or plaque. This is for those businesses such as law or orthodontics offices that really don’t need a pennant because they have no logo, but still deserve some recognition for their gift.

There are plans to sell concessions at baseball tournaments and some of the baseball coaches have generously donated their salaries made from summer baseball camps. The group also won a grant from an insurance company by having the most members respond to an online survey about athletics.

For more information or to make a contribution to the “Let There Be Lights” campaign, please e-mail