Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tourism/Community Betterment Fund

The Tourism/Community Betterment Fund is a grant program established by the Village of Waunakee intended to fund tourism projects (events that will bring visitors to the Village of Waunakee) or betterment projects (events that will improve the quality of life for the residents of the Village).  The grant program is administered yearly by the Waunakee Economic Development Commission (WEDC).  Any funds not awarded in a particular year will be carried over for consideration in future year award cycles.

Applications and grant guidelines are available online for the Waunakee Tourism Grant.  To find out more about the grant and to print off materials please visit the link below.


Please contact Ashley Greiber at agreiber@vil.waunakee.wi.us or 850-2830 for questions about the application process.