Monday, November 19, 2012

TDS Upgrade Progress

We have an update on the TDS work currently being performed in our community. TDS is in the progress of upgrading their system for the purpose of offering higher speed internet to their customers. For the most part, most of the infrastructure has been installed, but restoration is not complete. TDS will be completing the restoration in the spring of 2013. The larger cabinets are located in private easements that were obtained by TDS. TDS has offered to meet with residents that have concerns and will discuss ways of mitigating sight lines through landscaping and/or fencing. The Village’s ability to regulate these facilities on private easements is limited. If residents have concerns about restoration or would like to discuss restoration, landscaping or requested fencing they can contact TDS directly. The contact person at TDS is Patrick Yates and his telephone number is 664-4391.