Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick Main St. Update

This past week-and-a-half have been busy with staff making contact with potential strategists/lobbyists who we might be able to hire to assist us in negotiating acceptable Main Street solutions with the DOT. We continue to communicate with DOT staff, and are also keeping in close contact with state legislators.

We were hoping to have enough information in hand for a Village Board meeting next Monday, April 1st. At this point we just don't have enough details in order for that meeting to happen. This topic will likely be considered at the April 15th Board meeting (check back on the blog for more information on what will be discussed that evening).

I do need to apologize to the Waunakee Tribune staff for some confusion. Several days ago we informed the Tribune of the April 1st meeting plans. When we made the decision a couple days later to NOT hold the meeting, we were able to change the legal notice. However, at that point a story was already written by Tribune staff. The story mentioned that an April 1st meeting was to be held. I would like to make it clear that Tribune staff is not at fault for the confusion.

The Village will be regularly posting information about the Main St. project at