Monday, December 22, 2014

Sign Up For Important Email Notifications from Waunakee Utilities

With last winter's dangerously low temperatures,Waunakee Utilities temporarily recommended running water around the clock to prevent freezing pipes. We were able to spread that message through all customer mailers and press releases. However, printing and sending messages to all our customers is time consuming, expensive and wastes natural resources. This year, we encourage all our customers to sign up for Waunakee Utilities email notifications. Signing up will help us get critical messages out faster as well as save time and money.

Unlike other email lists, we will only send you notifications when there is critical information to deliver and we will keep your email address private. For example, if we notice that water mains are starting to freeze again this winter, we will send out an email to all customers on the list notifying them to temporarily run their water.

To sign up for important email notification from Waunakee Utilities, please email