Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Safety

Halloween Trick or Treating will be on Saturday, October 31
from 5-7 PM. Please drive extra cautious in the neighborhoods and watch out for pedestrians. The following are some safety tips for parents and children:
  • Teach your children how to properly cross a street. Only cross streets at crosswalks.
  • Help your child pick out or make a costume that has eye holes large enough for a good peripheral vision.
  • For greater visibility during dusk and darkness, decorate or trim costumes with reflective tape that will glow in the beam of a car's headlights. Bags or sacks should also be light colored or decorated with reflective tape. Reflective tape is usually available in hardware, bicycle, and sporting goods stores.
  • To easily see and be seen children should also carry flashlights or glow sticks.
  • Costumes should be short enough to prevent children from tripping and falling.
  • If your child is carrying a prop, make sure the tips are smooth and flexible enough to not cause injury if fallen on.
  • Know the route your kids will be taking if you aren't going with them.
  • The safest idea is to have an adult accompany kids. If you're not with the kids, be sure to set a time they will be home by. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time.
  • Children should not enter homes or apartments unless they are accompanied by an adult.