Thursday, February 25, 2016

BookScan Station at Waunakee Public Library

Patrons can now scan documents and photos at the Waunakee Public Library (located at 710 South Street) with a newly installed scanning station. The BookScan station scans documents, photos, and pages from books or magazines. It has two scanners to choose from, one with an edge that works better when scanning pages from books, and one that allows a stack of pages or photos to be scanned at the same time. If you need to update your resume, but only have the hard copy, no problem. You can scan your resume as an editable Word document and save yourself some typing.

Would you like to scan a stack of photos to a flash drive? Scanned items can be stored to a USB drive, sent to an email address, Google drive, a smart phone, tablet, or to our printer. They can also be faxed.