Thursday, August 11, 2016

Waunakee's Barn of the Day!

Today's Pick: "Born from Prairie, Return to Prairie"
Artist(s): Abby Wilson
Materials: Acrylic on Steel
Location on Main Street: In front of Red Barn Co. Store

In their own words – Artist’s Inspiration: "The barn that I painted is an examination of what constitutes a prairie from the point of view of Schumacher farm. On one side of the barn silhouette, I have painted the newest built barn on the property from the perspective of the farm compound. I included the original "tenant" of the prairie, a doe, and a symbol the farm itself, an antique tractor, to symbolize evolution of life on the Schumacher farm property. The past, the present and the future trinity. The other side of the barn silhouette, shows a fox, another symbolic nod to the past prairie. She and her kit are sitting on the front porch of the original farmhouse looking over the highway to the 21st century
: Waunakee's industrial park. The past meets the future with only the so called "bump in the road" of a family farm that turned into a museum to save itself and its memories."

You're invited!
Join us for an afternoon full of Wisconsin tradition as we auction off 15 unique steel barns from the 2016 Barns on Main Waunakee Public Art Project! Stop by on Sunday, September 18 during
Wauktoberfest to take a one of a kind piece of Wisconsin art home with you!

his project brought together 15 artists, all from Waunakee, who created what Wisconsin meant to them on a 27" steel barn donated by Endres Manufacturing Co. The barns have been on display along Main St. in Waunakee since June, but now it's time they find a permanent home.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit local charities. This year the recipients of proceeds from the project are: Endres Manfacturing Co. Foundation, Schumacher Farm Park, and the Waunakee Creative Economy Initiative.

Stay tuned as we will feature a couple of barns each week leading up to the auction on September 18. Keep an eye out for the next installment of Barn of the Day. For more information on Barns on Main and to see photos of all 15 pieces of art, visit For photos, click on the "2016 Barns Auction" tab on the left side of the page.

Hope to see you at the auction!