Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Waunakee Police Department February Newsletter

To view the February 2017 Waunakee Police Department newsletter, click the link below:

Waunakee Police Department February 2017 Newsletter

The Waunakee Police Department is is moving their newsletter access to the Village of Waunakee website! The change allows the police department to keep pace with the growing number of community members who wish to receive their monthly newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, you will need to follow the link below which sends you to the "Notify Me" section of the Village website. Once you have reached that page, you simply add your email address and select the email option next to the Waunakee Police Department section. Should you no longer wish to receive the newsletter once you have signed up, there are directions on the same page on how to unsubscribe. While they are in transition over the next few months, they will continue to send out the newsletter from their email address and provided access through the Village of Waunakee website. Starting in May of 2017 the Waunakee Police Department will only send the newsletter out from the website sign up list.