Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Emerald Ash Borer in Waunakee

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “WDNR” has confirmed Emerald Ash Borer “EAB” in Waunakee. They found trees that are symptomatic throughout the village, in particular in the Wimbleton Way area and the industrial park area. The WDNR has stated that based on these findings EAB has been in our community for at least 3 years, probably more.  The WDNR has indicated that nothing really changes for our community as we are located in a previously quarantined county that is considered to be generally infested.  With this confirmation, it is prudent for the Village and our residents to keep the ash wood as close to “home” as practicable to slow the spread.  The biggest issue is folks taking wood from their dead ash and hauling it to a vacation property in a non-quarantined county (bad idea and illegal) or an uninfected community.
Please see the link below for more information.