Thursday, December 7, 2017

Leaf Collection Update

The regular scheduled collection of leaves curbside ended on November 16th. However, due to unusual environmental conditions Village crews will attempt to make one final sweep for leaves that remain on the terraces beginning on December 7th. We cannot guarantee that the entire Village will be cleared, as quickly changing weather can force crews to focus on other priorities.

Different equipment will be used as the Village’s fleet has been converted in preparation for snow and ice removal functions. This alternate collection method is less efficient, therefore residents are asked NOT to place NEW piles of leaves in the terrace. In addition, residents are encouraged to take their own leaves to the Highway Q compost site just south of the Village if possible.

Public Works staff are evaluating this year’s circumstances and are considering potential options for future years. We also desire to be good stewards of our lakes and waterways by working to keep leaves from flowing into the storm sewers. In the meantime, we thank our residents for their patience and understanding. We also apologize to those who already made their own arrangements after November 16th and prior to our recent decision to do one more collection.