Saturday, February 3, 2018

TID8 and T. Wall Enterprises

The Village is aware of misinformation circulating in the community regarding the proposed downtown TID8 and T. Wall’s conceptual development. This is unfortunate, so hopefully this post helps provide clarification.

First, the Village has learned that T. Wall Enterprises is hosting a meeting on Wednesday, February 7 to discuss development potential with neighbors. This is NOT a Village meeting, it was NOT scheduled by the Village, and Village decisions CAN NOT be made in any way. Further, Village officials nor staff have been invited to attend.

Second, the Village Board is NOT taking specific action on the T. Wall Enterprises conceptual project at their regular Village Board meeting at 6:00 PM on Monday, February 5. The Board IS considering action at that meeting regarding creation of TID8. If approved by the Board, TID8 approval WILL NOT grant approval of any project, rezoning, development or incentives for T. Wall Enterprises nor any other development in the proposed district.

The Village urges anyone seeking clarification on this matter to contact Village Administrator Todd Schmidt at or 608-850-5227.

Please click the link below for details regarding the upcoming Village Board meeting on February 5.

Village Board Meeting