Monday, June 25, 2018

Fireworks Reminder

Fireworks in Wisconsin are strictly regulated by state law WI Stat. 167.10. Very few fireworks are actually legal in Wisconsin, without having a permit. Those “fireworks” are; sparklers, stationary cones and fountains, toy snakes, smoke bombs and caps, noisemakers and confetti poppers with less than ¼ of a grain of explosive mixture. These “fireworks” are the type usually found in convenience and grocery stores. Possessing or using any other fireworks such as firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets and mortars, without a valid permit is illegal. A general rule of thumb is if the device leaves the ground or explodes it is illegal.

Almost all fireworks permits held by users of the fireworks are not valid. Valid fireworks permits can only be issued by a mayor, village president, or a municipal employee they have designated. If a valid permit is issued it is only valid within the city, village or town where it was issued. Therefore, permits issued by fireworks vendors are not valid.