Monday, October 29, 2018

Barrels on Parade

In collaboration with Abby Wilson Painting, Endres Manufacturing, and Springfield Welding and Manufacturing , the 2018 Village of Waunakee’s Public Art Project highlights historic Waunakee, Downtown Madison, and the University of Wisconsin. Local artist, Abby Wilson was commissioned and designed artistic metal renderings that have been affixed to ten wooden barrels. Springfield Welding and Manufacturing, in partnership with Endres Manufacturing, assisted in translating the designs to metal, rolling and rendering the plates, and attaching the plates to the barrels. Each of the three designs will be featured on 3 of the barrels with one special barrel, stained red, signed with University of Wisconsin Athletic Coaches. 

Barrels are on display throughout the community in mostly high traffic locations including the Village Center, the Waunakee Public Library, Rex’s Inkeeper, Lone Girl, and Village Hall. If you have an interest in purchasing a barrel for your home or business, please contact Adam Bentley, Assistant Village Administrator at or at 608-850-2182. Proceeds raised by barrel sales will go to the Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation, and to the Village of Waunakee, in its continued support of similar artistic endeavors. The Village sincerely appreciates the work of all our partners on this project, many of which donated their time, talents, and labor in ensuring this project was successful.

To see pictures of the barrels, please visit: