Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Waunakee Neighborhood Connection Needs Volunteers

Volunteer. Build a stronger community. Borrow sugar.

In the upcoming months, Waunakee Neighborhood Connection will be hosting several volunteer informational sessions to learn about current opportunities to make a positive difference.

In our ever-changing culture, we all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to feel connected. Social media and busy lives have moved us from the neighborhoods of the past when neighbors borrowed a cup of sugar or a few eggs. It is time to reconnect with one another, to lend a helping hand, and focus on what connects us, not what divides us.

At Waunakee Neighborhood Connection, our mission is to engage neighbors to support and empower one another. Our free store allows neighbors to shop for items to offset other household costs, our seasonal programs provide holiday support and school supplies, and our other programs provide an opportunity for families to feel empowered and overcome challenges that they are facing.

All of these programs are powered by volunteerism! We have numerous volunteer opportunities, appropriate for a variety of skill and interest levels. Each of these provides ways for adults, students, and families to participate in meaningful volunteerism.

Waunakee Neighborhood Connection is the place to enhance your journey of being connected, reducing stress, meeting new people, learning new skills, and changing lives. Everyone has value and a purpose here. Stop in and find yours! 

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