Thursday, February 18, 2021

Be Active Wisconsin - Community Fitness Challenge

Waunakee are you ready to be named the "Fittest Community" in Wisconsin? Join us in competing against 30 other communities from all over the state for the title and trophy!

Cities and Villages across Wisconsin are hosting the first ever Community Fitness Challenge! The “Be Active Wisconsin” Community Challenge invites all community members to participate in a virtual challenge to promote active lifestyles, connect people to the outdoors by encouraging use of our parks/trail systems, and engage Wisconsin communities in a friendly competition! All active minutes count (not just running/walking), so let’s get moving Waunakee!

Online Registration is now open! Track your physical activity from March 1-31. $10/person for residents and $15/person for Non-Village of Waunakee residents. Everyone that registers will get a t-shirt (It’s the same shirt for every participating community – how cool is that?).

All participants will have access to a Google Form where you will enter your minutes for each week by Monday morning at 10am. While there is a personal goal of 200 minutes a week to help motivate and to give you a goal to strive for, there are no requirements and no awards given for personal goals so that you can customize it based on your needs.

Register online at or call the Village Center at 850-5992.