Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Burn Ban Lifted

As of July 31st, the Waunakee Fire Department has lifted the burn ban for the entire Waunakee Fire District.
Within the Village of Waunakee, residents are reminded that Village ordinances (Sec. 38-37) regulate outdoor burning. Below is a selection from the ordinance:
Dry wood may be burned in a commercially manufactured outdoor recreational fireplace that is certified by a nationally recognized listing agency or in a non-commercially constructed brick fireplace with a chimney that is approved by the building inspector according to applicable building codes, subject to the following conditions: 
  • The fireplace must be an assembly that includes a bowl, pit or device for holding the wood and a method of containing embers and sparks. 
  • Only dry wood, entirely contained within the device, is permitted to be burned. 
  • The fireplace shall not be used within 15 feet of any structure or five feet of any lot line unless the fireplace is a brick fireplace and the location of the fireplace is approved by the building inspector according to applicable building codes.
  • The smoke shall not create a nuisance for other properties, obstruction of vehicle travel, or health concerns of others. 
  • No fireplace shall be located or used on a wood deck, porch, or patio. 
  • An ABC type fire extinguisher, charged garden hose, or other method of first aid fire control must be readily available. 
  • The fireplace must be supervised or attended at all times while in use by a responsible adult over the age of 18. The fire must be completely extinguished before the fireplace is left unsupervised. 
  • Use of the fireplace shall be discontinued when atmospheric conditions are unfavorable or make the use of the fireplace hazardous. Such conditions include, but are not limited to, winds in excess of ten miles per hour or excessive dry weather conditions as declared by the fire department. Fireplace operators shall be responsible for checking with the fire department by phone or other means prescribed by the fire chief or his/her designee to determine whether hazardous conditions exist. No burning shall be allowed if wind conditions cause smoke, embers or other burning materials to be carried toward any building or other combustible material.
  • Burning of dry wood under this subsection (b)(2) shall not be permitted at commercial facilities or on commercial property unless prior written approval is obtained from the fire chief or his/her designee.