Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stay Connected with Together Waunakee: Paving the Way

Collaborative work is underway involving the Village of Waunakee, the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and neighborhood residents to prepare ourselves for the 2014 Main Street construction project. This effort is dubbed "Together Waunakee: Paving the Way".

A lead committee and group of work teams have initiated the effort and are planning for action during the next eight months in many ways:
  • Providing a go-to resource and communication outlet for our residents and businesses;
  • Developing and facilitating promotions and events to offset the impact of construction on our downtown such as a BBQ event, outdoor movie night and a street dance;
  • Addressing all logistical issues before, during, and after construction (signage, detours, roundabout education, etc.)
Here are the best ways to stay connected with Together Waunakee:

Check Out the Website at www.togetherwaunakee.com
Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/togetherwaunakee
Get Weekly Updates from Waunablog at www.waunablog.blogspot.com
Email us at togetherwaunakee@gmail.com

Once construction contractors are selected for the project, additional contact information will be available for connecting with on-site project staff. Likely timing for project start will be May 1, 2014. Look for a newsletter to arrive in your mailbox in mid-April describing the project in detail along with detour maps, event listings, and much more!