Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Westport is Looking for HELP!

Westport is in the running for a State/Federal grant to add the planned bike lanes and a recreational bike path to the rest of Woodland Drive (Mary Lake Road to CTH M) and the County is planning on completing the path on M to get you safely on bikes or walking into Gov Nelson, then across M by the Park entrance and into Middleton, and on to Madison.   This is a great project for bikers, walkers and families!  We need replies on how many people would use these bike lanes or this path, 1. To get to Gov Nelson Park; 2. To get to Middleton; 3. To get from Middleton to Waunakee, WI; 4. To get into Madison; or, 5. To get to work! PLEASE REPLY or EMAIL reception@townofwestport.org WITH AN ANSWER AND SHARE! The more positive responses, even if you would just be thinking about using the lanes and trail, the better for the grant! Thank you.