Friday, April 27, 2018

Engage with Polco

Since the launch of Polco in early October, the Village of Waunakee has received a number of participant survey responses; however, we are always looking for more feedback from our residents to post general citizen satisfaction questions, identify trends over time, and consider service changes desired. The Village of Waunakee values community input and is committed to enhancing communication channels with everyone in the community.

Polco is a platform designed to increase civic engagement, improve government transparency, and inform municipal governments of constituents’ input which, in turn, will help better guide public policy. Community responses are validated using the local voter database to verify the responses. Civic engagement is enhanced by using websites, widgets, and apps to meet the citizens where they are. Residents become more active and informed participants in the political process by voicing their views to municipal leaders and other citizens. Polco makes voicing opinions accessible, easy, and convenient. For more information about Polco and to sign up, please visit Polco’s platform is available via web, mobile, email, and any place Polco e-ballots are found online.

Polco is committed to a strict privacy policy and participants are able to respond to all questions anonymously. Participant detailed data and votes are never shared with the Village or any other party.

Sign up and share your feedback today!

For more information about Polco please contact Adam Bentley, Assistant Village Administrator at or 850-2182.