Thursday, April 5, 2018

Personal Shoppers Opportunities

Waunakee Neighborhood Connection
215 South Century Avenue
April 9, 18 and 30, 2018

Everyone has a Story to Tell! Do you have a willing heart and want to make a difference in someone's well as your own? Then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! You'll have a meaningful time and be transformed by the experience! Shopping days for families are a wonderful way to assist others in need while they 'shop' at Waunakee Neighborhood Connection - a community place to receive basic need items! Personal Shoppers - make a connection and tell your story while you help someone meet their shopping needs in the store! Spanish Speakers, here's your chance to practice! Interpret for the Spanish speaking families. You will make the shopping experience much more comfortable for families who are still learning English. Sign up online by clicking the link below and using the volunteer button!