Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Woodland Drive Closures

Woodland Drive near the intersection of Mill Road will be closed to through traffic beginning around 9:00 AM, August 29, 2018 for road repairs. Woodland Drive will be closed from Emerald Grove Lane to Mill Road on August 29, 2018 until dark. If things progress as expected, Woodland Drive will be closed from Mill Road to Tierney Drive starting on August 30, 2018. Limited detour signage will be provided.

Work consists of repairing the humps with an infrared heat method that will heat up the speed humps and level them back. The roadway will be sealed to avoid watering getting into the subbase. Our confidence in this repair method is somewhat suspect, but its clearly the first economical step in trying to solve this problem. Woodland Drive is expected to reopen Thursday night after dark or Friday at the latest.