Friday, June 17, 2011

Areas of Complete Road Closure for Woodland Drive Project

Meise Construction Inc. and its subcontractor, H&K Contracting, are scheduled to install Sewer and Water Main on Woodland Drive between the North End of Project and Mill Road in the next two weeks. First three to Five days next week, work will start 400' West of Emerald Grove Lane (end of the project) and stop just short of the intersection of Emerald Grove Lane. During this time we are asking all residents, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Refuse Service, Mail Carriers, and others to enter Emerald Grove Lane from the either Mill Road or Woodland Drive to the East of Emerald Grove Lane. Message boards will be placed stating this information at Emerald Grove Lane & Mill Road.

As Sewer and Water are completed in the above area, a temporary road will be created approximately 100' West of Emerald Grove to allow residents and others to enter or Exit Emerald Grove onto Woodland Drive. At this time, we will be asking everyone to enter or exit Emerald Grove from the West of Woodland Drive. No access will be given from Mill Road or Woodland Drive East. During this phase, we will be completing Sewer, Water and Storm Sewer in this area.