Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do You Have Space or Land to Advertise?

The Village of Waunakee participates in an on-line state-wide building and sites database as a resource for anyone looking to locate or relocate a business here in the Village. This system is called “Locate In Wisconsin”, and can be found on-line at www.locateinwi.com. Our goal is to list every single available space and every available piece of land so that those hunting for locations in Waunakee can easily find them in one place. Those using the database can search by size, location, cost per square foot, amenities, access to transportation and more.

In order for this system to be successful, the Village needs cooperation from all of those who have space or land to advertise. Village staff are available to help make the process of listing properties easy. We will even do it for you; everything from taking photos to determining lot dimensions. Best of all, this service is free of charge, no matter how big or small your listing might be. Whether it is a 500 square foot office in the back corner, or a prominent 100,000 square foot building right on Main Street. Whether you are currently using a listing agent (note – this does not replace your listing agent, but does help direct traffic to your listing), or are for the first time looking to put something on the market… it SHOULD be listed on this system!

If you have any available property and/or space and would like to have it listed on locateinwi.com please contact Ashley Greiber at Village Hall at agreiber@vil.waunakee.wi.us or 608-850-2830.