Wednesday, October 5, 2011

¿¿What's That?? - A New Blog Series

Be sure to visit Waunablog at 8:00 AM, Wednesday, October 12th when we begin a new blog series called ¿¿What's That??.  A unique or obscure photo will be posted on Waunablog of  a Waunakee business.  For example. the picture may be an extreme closeup of the doorknob, or a portion of the roof line, etc.  You will then have a chance to correctly identify the business.  The first person to contact Ashley Greiber via email ( with the correct response will receive a gift certificate from the featured business.  We will be coordinating this series throughout the fall and you will be notified through a blog post in advance when the next ¿¿What's That?? post will be added.

There are two main purposes for this blog series.  First, we hope that this will draw more readers to the blog for updates around the community.  Secondly, this will features some of the great businesses we have right here in Waunakee. 

So keep an eye on Waunablog and be sure to check it out at 8:00 AM, Wednesday, October 12th to identify the business and win!!