Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Woodland Drive Construction Update

The paving operation will begin TODAY Wednesday morning.  The contractor will begin with the multiuse path on the west side of Woodland Drive between the south project limits and Tierney Drive.  Once the multiuse path is paved the contractor will begin paving the driveways.  Construction congestion will be an issue when traveling Woodland Drive, please allow additional time and expect delays.

On Thursday and Friday the contractor will begin paving the lower layer (binder) from Tierney Drive to the south project limits.  Residents north of Tierney Drive, including the Southbridge residents, will enter/exit from the north.  The Steeplechase/Rankin Lane residents will use Rankin Lane to enter/exit from the south.  Once Enchanted View Lane has been paved the Steeplechase/Rankin Lane residents will use Enchanted View Lane from the north.  All other residents will continue to enter/exit from the south.  I will send out another update tomorrow to confirm this schedule and hopefully have a method of operation indicating what side will be paved first and a timeline for the Steeplechase/Rankin Lane residents.  Again please allow extra travel time and expect delays.

The upper layer (surface) is tentatively scheduled for next week and additional schedule updates will follow for this operation.

As always I would like to thank everyone for their continued patience, the contractor is nearing completion.

Thank you
Jim Foley