Monday, May 5, 2014

Attitude is Everything

We are in construction season. Dotted around the Village are those iconic orange barrels, piles of dirt, barricades, and so on. Not much can be more annoying than those pieces of evidence that summer is here in Wisconsin. To top it off, our center of Village commerce and busiest road in the community - Main Street - is totally closed at Century Avenue with work being completed for nearly a mile from Holiday Drive to Division Street.

What are we to do as Waunakee residents to cope? I think the answer has everything to do with attitude. Speaking for myself, this is what I intend to do every time I feel those pings of annoyance.

Think September - Four months. That's the expected project duration. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a long time. With the intense busy-ness of everything else going on in the summer, I'll blink a few times and June will arrive, July 4th will hit us, Waunafest will roll in, and then we'll be buying school supplies for the fall semester. It... will... end.

Envision Results - I can look forward to a transformation of our downtown as an improved public place. When I feel frustrated during the construction, closing my eyes for a moment and picturing the new streetscape features will help me to remember the good that will come from this work. Just don't try this closing eyes approach while driving.

Smile and Do Good - Both smiling and doing good for others have been scientifically proven to help improve attitudes. I plan to participate in the various community activities being planned by the Together Waunakee Committee. Visiting with neighbors, taking in live music, spending time with family and enjoying good food are all ways that the planned events will put a smile on my face. I also plan to do good by shopping local more than usual. The merchants will appreciate it which, in turn, will give me a sense of having done my part to sustain and boost our great local businesses.

We will make it through and have much to look forward to. The dust of construction will give way to a rejuvenated sense of pride we can each have for our Village.