Thursday, December 19, 2019

Holiday Trash and Recycling

The holidays are a time for giving, but they can also generate a lot of extra waste. While it’s always better to try to reduce the amount of waste we create, having extra after the holidays is almost inevitable. Below are some guidelines on how to deal with those items.

The following seasonal items can be placed in your blue Pellitteri Recycling cart:
  • Gift boxes
  • Wrapping and tissue paper (NOT the foil-type)
  • Cardboard wrapping paper tubes 
  • Paper greeting cards (NO photo paper please) and gift tags
  • Envelopes
  • Cardboard (flatten, cut down to 4’ x 4’ sections or smaller)
Other items that can be recycled elsewhere:
  • Christmas trees – will be picked up by the Village (does not pertain to private streets) 
  • Christmas lights and electrical cords – drop off at Waunakee Neighborhood Connection - 208 S. Century Avenue
  • Styrofoam – EPS/Styrofoam can be dropped off at Reynolds Urethane Recycling, Inc. located in Madison at 2701 Progress Road. 
Did You Know?  Additional recycling can be placed in a clear garbage bag (available at Ace Hardware) and placed next to your blue recycling cart. Pellitteri will pick this up at no charge with your regular recycling.

Special trash tags can be purchased for extra garbage that doesn’t fit in your brown trash cart. The tags are $15 for a sheet of 5 and are available at Village Hall - 500 West Main Street. 

Click the link below for more details:

Trash/Recycling Information