Tuesday, December 10, 2019

New Styrofoam Recycling Drop-Off Location

Please take a minute to read this important announcement from Brian Duzan, VP Operations, Uniek, Inc. 

Currently Uniek Inc., at 805 Uniek Drive in the Waunakee Business Park, accepts EPS/Styrofoam at drop-off containers for recycling. Due to business growth and building constraints, we decided that we were going to need to find a partner company in the Dane County area to take over the Styrofoam recycling process. My goal was to keep this important program in place, and continue to provide businesses and municipalities within the Dane County area a place to drop off and recycle EPS packaging; thus avoiding the landfilling this material. We are announcing that Reynolds Urethane Recycling Inc. located on the east side of Madison will be taking over this process at their operation in December. We will continue to allow residents within the Waunakee Village to drop off material at our outside bins until Dec 20th. After that time, Reynolds will be the primary location for dropping of material. They are located in Madison at 2701 Progress Road. We thank you for all of your efforts over the years in supporting our process, for helping to keep materials from the landfill, and encourage you to utilize the ongoing service provided by Reynolds.