Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Waunakee Senior Center - A Home Away From Home

Each month, the Waunakee Tribune features a column written by Village staff called the “Village Corner”. Last month, the article was written by Senior Center Director Cindy Mosiman, and shows just how much of an impact our Senior Center makes in our community.  Huge thank you to the Senior Center team for all that they do!

A Home Away from Home
By: Cindy Mosiman, Waunakee Senior Center Director
Contributed as a “Village Corner” column to the Waunakee Tribune

He comes to the Waunakee Senior Center each morning by 8:30, takes a seat by the fireplace and enjoys a cup of coffee.  He chats with another gentleman who is here every morning too.  He’s become such a regular that others know his name and were happy to help him celebrate his 92nd birthday with small gifts and well wishes.  For Herb, who moved to Waunakee from the Chicago area in April 2018, the Senior Center has become a part of his daily life Monday through Friday, spending the morning, having lunch and then going home.  That is the same for many people – the Senior Center becoming a daily part of their life.  Herb says he has made really nice friends at the center and his daughter says it’s given him a sense of home. 

The Waunakee Senior Center is the place to meet up with friends for ROMEO or Juliet Coffee, play a card game, take a Tai Chi class, have lunch, go to a Brewer’s game or attend any of the many other programs or services offered.  The Senior Center served 9,580 meals at the center in 2018.
A card received this past summer thanked the center for the home delivered meals a couple had received.  The wife said “Our meals were delivered timely by friendly, kind, considerate, respectful volunteers.”  The Senior Center provided 17,127 home delivered meals in 2018 all delivered by wonderful volunteers.

One of the Waunakee Senior Center case managers recently received an email from the granddaughter of one of her clients.  She wanted to inform the case manager of her grandmother’s passing since moving into a health care facility.  The granddaughter wrote “I am also writing to thank you for all the years you helped my grandma and me.  I know all the help was very encouraging to her and I.  I believe the reason she was able to stay independent for so long, one month from being 90!, is because of the strong network of support that is in place in Waunakee.  And for that I am so thankful.”  The Senior Center’s two case managers provided service to 374 clients in 2018.

The Waunakee Senior Center fills a need and makes a difference for many older adults (and their loved ones) in many different ways. You can learn more by finding us on the Village Website ( or on Facebook ( Better yet, come on in and check it out for yourself. The Senior Center is located in the Village Center at 333 S. Madison Street (enter main doors and to your left). We can be reached by phone at 608-849-8385.